Network Penetration Testing

Get a real-world look at how attackers could exploit your network security with our hands-on, manual testing services

Identifying Vulnerabilities for
Customized Recommendations
Port Mapping

Identify the ports open on each device.

System Identification

Identify the name and location of systems on the network, as well as, the operating system and any running services.

Known Vulnerability Analysis

Check for well-known vulnerabilities that can exist in web servers, FTP servers, DNS servers, etc.

Service Mapping

Test for the operating system and services running on each exposed system.

Unauthorized Access to Sensitive Data

Attempt to access and retrieve sensitive data from targeted systems by exploiting application or operating system vulnerabilities.

Firewall Probing

Probe firewall for open ports or services.

Active Defense Evasion

Methods to evade or obfuscate the ability of active defenses (like intrusion prevention systems) to properly prevent known attack techniques.

Internet Mapping

Enumerate the network’s relationship and exposure to the Internet, including DNS and host name (domain name) registration information.

Looking for a First-Class
Cybersecurity Expert?
Discover internal and external security gaps through safely, and expertly, simulated attacks on your network.

Network Penetration Testing

Cybersecurity breaches and attacks are unplanned and cost money.

Consequently, we cater to your cybersecurity needs and we’re affordable.

A Hybrid Approach

All of our Network Penetration Tests go beyond standards – such as NIST – and your test will come with a detailed final report.

Your detailed final report will include an executive summary, a listing of vulnerabilities discovered, remediation recommendations, and more.  A letter of accreditation can be provided upon your request.

Throughout the network penetration testing process, automated, as well as comprehensive manual testing, will be used to identify all network and business-logic related vulnerabilities.

Identify Network Vulnerabilities and Exposures

Hack yourself! You want someone with decades of national level expertise and industry leading resources combined with a focus on best practices and security control testing, right? We Have the Nerve.

Here at MainNerve, our penetration testing truly simulates the attacks of a real-world malicious hacker–which includes specialized vulnerability assessments, automated scans, and manual techniques.

These cyber services all work together to reduce false positives and identify application security gaps.

Who’s behind the breaches? What tactics do they use?

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Systematic Protection
Our Process

MainNerve ensures that all penetration testing follows the methodology defined in the NIST SP-115 for network and wireless penetration testing as well as OWASP for web application penetration testing. These methodologies ensure a clear, well defined approach to the testing of your infrastructure, applications and employees.

The planning stage of penetration testing will include regular communication with the client’s key points of contact to understand the overall scope of the project to include project objectives, rules of engagement and limitations.

Considered the most critical step in penetration testing, our reports communicate all penetration test findings in a comprehensive and clear report to the client.

MainNerve will perform an extensive search for open source information using tools and techniques to gather information on the client with the explicit goal of identifying technical data about the external and/or internal network infrastructure for targeting.

Exploiting vulnerabilities using a blend of custom, open source, and commercial software tools to exploit vulnerable hosts with the explicit intention of accessing sensitive information, establishing a persistent presence on the system, and exploiting the trusts of related systems.

Consider These
Value-Add Services
Compliance Solutions

MainNerve’s compliance solutions are designed to help fill one of the biggest challenges for businesses: staying in alignment with the exhaustive list of Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance (GRC) requirements. From PCI DSS and HIPAA, to CJIS and FINRA, MainNerve can help your business navigate the GRC landscape with specialized penetration tests.

Web App Penetration Testing

Web application penetration testing is designed to assess and test the state of your web-facing applications, and provide actionable remediation recommendations for enhancing your security to both your customers and users. This testing ensures that your applications will meet the security demands of your internal policies and customer assessment requirements. API testing can also be performed when required.

Social Engineering

Social engineering, in the context of information security, is commonly defined as the of persuasion and/or manipulation techniques in order to influence people into performing actions or divulging confidential information. Ensure that your business is secure by testing and evaluating your employees against general phishing and “spear-phishing” attacks.

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What Our Clients Say

We value our professional relationship with MainNerve. Their employees are friendly and extremely responsive. They always take care of our clients as if they were their own, while maintaining the penetration and social engineering testing. We couldn’t ask for a better Cybersecurity partner. 

Don B.
MainNerve Partner & CEO of FrontierIT

In 12 years of tests, you are the first company that found anything higher than a low risk. Phone and cameras were never discovered in the test, let alone accessed. Great to always get a different perspective from a test. 

Investment Management Company

This is a very well written report! Very impressive!

Managing Partner
Data Warehouse Platform Company

The report looks great!

Network Administrator
Enterprise Administration Software Company

References available upon request.