Who We Are
MainNerve helps secure networks, applications, people, and facilities… enabling businesses to reduce risk and increase their cybersecurity posture.

Highly knowledgeable and experienced team with over 30 years of experience.

Hardworking, sincere, and personalized service.

An industry leader in Internet and data security.

Dedicated to educating the next generation of cybersecurity and compliance experts.

Cybersecurity Statistics
Small Business Victims 43%
Featured Hacking 52%
Took Months to Uncover 56%
Financially Motivated 71%
Our Mission

MainNerve’s mission is to fill the critical gap in cybersecurity technology and expertise for the cyber defense market by employing subject matter experts, and using state-of-the-art technologies, while creating affordable solutions. No matter how large or small… our goal is to educate and advise on exactly what our services offer and how they can assist you with increasing your security posture.

The MainNerve Difference
In the cyber threat world, there is much to be concerned about. At MainNerve, we strive to ease your concerns and help protect you from unknown dangers. Because the truth is, cybersecurity is an essential requirement to protect your products, customers, and networks.
Whether you are a startup worried about the security of your applications and networks, or an enterprise organization with large mandated environments looking to comply with regulations such as PCI and HIPAA, MainNerve has the experience to meet your cyber needs. More than this, at MainNerve we have fostered an environment of high-touch and personalized service. Whether working with business owners, outsourced service providers, or internal teams of technical professionals, we tailor our cyber services to meet the budget, timeline, and unique requirements of each business.
Choose MainNerve

We have helped hundreds of companies with their assessment and testing operations needs, regardless of their industry. Not only do we help, but we know what we’re doing! Our compliance assessors and technical personnel all have decades of experience in their fields and includes assisting customers with compliance needs.


We’re well known locally in the Colorado Springs area, as well as nationally!  It’s hard to forget us after you’ve seen the quality and affordability of our services. Ask around, you’ll only hear the best when it comes to our services, and our people. You know our competitor? Yeah, us too. Let us show you why we’re different.

On Your Side

Cyber-war is the battlefield of now. We will stand with you in the line of fire, and we can win this war together. Our people want to see you succeed and we want you to meet your compliance requirements. We work with you every step of the way, which is why you will always have a point of contact. That’s love.

Penetration Testing Standards

You use technology to do business. Technology faces cyber risk. We take the customers perspective to ensure that not only are you compliant, but we work with you to address any threat vectors identified – to make you are as secure as possible. Our cyber experts check for exploitable vulnerabilities using manual attack techniques. They’re basically cyber ninjas.


Lower prices does not mean lower quality. As a Small to Mid-Size Business (SMB), we understand the cost associated with a cyber breach can get on your MainNerve. We team with you to provide what you need, at an affordable price.  We take pride in our a la carte system, so you can pick what you want and leave the rest. And lucky you, if you get a lower quote elsewhere, let us know and we will review it.

USA-Based Services

Your information remains in the country because we’re U.S.-Based. Our testers come with DoD and special operations experience and we’re dedicated to providing services and support for companies across the United States. We’re also Veteran-Owned, which means we are not afraid of the hard work, discipline and dedication it takes to run a successful business and complete project(s) on time.

Ready to start talking with a professional? 
What is
Defense-Grade Cybersecurity?
Defense Grade Cybersecurity is a term used to describe MainNerve’s approach to cybersecurity—and it stems from our deep history as a defense contractor. Resulting from our previous role in protecting U.S Government assets and military personnel, we have utilized our deep military-based cybersecurity knowledge to develop a qualitative approach to penetration testing and compliance services… and brought that expertise to the commercial sector.
Put simply, we live in a world in which cyber threat actors are constantly evolving and adapting their strategies to compromise business data… and the consequences of failure to protect this information is substantial. The financials and brand name of businesses is literally at risk in the event of a cyber breach. And it is for this very reason that, here at MainNerve, we utilize a highly-customized approach when addressing the cybersecurity needs of all businesses—ensuring that they are as protected, and/or as compliant, as possible.
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What Our Clients Say

We value our professional relationship with MainNerve. Their employees are friendly and extremely responsive. They always take care of our clients as if they were their own, while maintaining the penetration and social engineering testing. We couldn’t ask for a better Cybersecurity partner. 

Don B.
MainNerve Partner & CEO of FrontierIT

In 12 years of tests, you are the first company that found anything higher than a low risk. Phone and cameras were never discovered in the test, let alone accessed. Great to always get a different perspective from a test. 

Investment Management Company

This is a very well written report! Very impressive!

Managing Partner
Data Warehouse Platform Company

The report looks great!

Network Administrator
Enterprise Administration Software Company

I felt the whole project was done in a professional manner.

IT Manager
Property Management

Sheena was very kind, quick with replies, and patient with my questions. That is why I also introduced your service to other company.

IT Manager
Insurance Company

All the correspondence with MainNerve was great and the staff were very professional and helpful.

VP Engineering
Health Care Software and Billing

References available upon request.



Here at MainNerve, we offer a unique educational approach to cybersecurity and compliance based on over 51 years of combined experience on our team. Not only do we provide security advisement… we not only try to help companies with their cybersecurity and compliance needs… We also do everything we can to educate businesses on cybersecurity basics, as well as HIPAA, PCI, or state-mandated compliance essentials. Our helpful blogs can provide you with quality information on cyber attacks, security breaches, data vulnerability, hardware security, malware, compliance issues, and much more.