Defense Grade CyberSecurity

To protect your company's network, information and customers.

Advanced Penetration Testing Services

Identify organizational weaknesses the same way a cyber criminal would… through hacking. MainNerve’s advanced and certified penetration testing services enable your business or organization to mitigate cybersecurity risk through an improved understanding of the extensive cyber threats you face to manage and ultimately minimize business risk.

Because the alternative is to experience a serious cyber breach… which could literally destroy your business.

For Compliance and Penetration Services…MainNerve is the partner you need:

  • Cutting-edge cybersecurity solutions at a price virtually any organization can afford.
  • Our U.S. Based Penetration Testing Experts carry the highest standards and certifications from SANS, GIAC and the U.S. Military.
  • Highest ratio of manual to automated penetration testing in the industry.
  • Support all types of Penetration Testing
    • Web Application
    • External/Internal Network
    • Mobile Application
    • WiFi/IOT
  • Extensive cyber testing experience in support of PCI, HIPAA, NERC, DFARs, CJIS, ISO 27001 and FedRamp.
  • Industry leading reports and recommendations.
  • Industry specific expertise in the financial, municipality, technology, manufacturing, law enforcement and IT/Cloud markets.
  • World-class team of DoD-Cleared Industry-Leading Analysts, NSA Technicians, and White Hat Hackers.
  • Promotional bundles on penetration tests and vulnerability scans for up to 5 External IPs and the first 30 Internal IPs–as low as $1,299.
  • Comprehensive Web Application Pen Testing available.
  • Expedited services available!

Spending too much on Penetration Testing?

  • MainNerve has saved our customers thousands on their Penetration Testing and Compliance needs!
  • Penetration testing in support of Internal/External Network, Web Application, Mobile Application, Wi-Fi/IOT and SCADA/ICS requirements.
  • Cyber testing experience in support of PCI, HIPAA, NERC, DFARs, CJIS, ISO 27001 and FedRamp compliance.
  • Tests as low as $995.
  • Pen Test & Vuln Scan Bundles from $1,299!

Engage the Cybersecurity Experts

  • Perform Penetration Testing to identify cybersecurity risks, maintain compliance and improve cybersecurity.
    Comes complete with a Pre-Test Discovery to define goals and a detailed Executive Final Report written by the cyber analyst (not automated) for as low as $995!
  • Don’t be fooled by cheap pen tests that are performed outside the U.S. or don’t give you critical information you need. Contact MainNerve today.
    • * Vulnerability Scan and Pen Test bundles as low as $1,299.
    • * Compliance-driven and Web Application Pen Tests also available.
    • * Up to 5 External IPs starting at $995.

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Defend Against Cyber Criminals

We are in an age of cyber warfare. Because of this, cybersecurity must become a priority within your business or organization immediately. At MainNerve, we strive to provide quality, affordable solutions that are tailored to the needs of each unique company—large or small. You will sleep better at night knowing MainNerve is on watch as your trusted advisor and incident response team.


Here at MainNerve, we intimately know our customers and partners. We focus on quality partnerships built through customized programs and personalized service. Simply put, we work hard to earn your business… and we add that “personal touch” lacking in many partner and customer relationships today. Our team works directly with our customers and partners to provide high-value cybersecurity solutions and compliance campaigns tailored to their business. We work with partners such as MSPs, complementary service providers, partners with large vertical networks, to compliment your existing relationships and revenue



At MainNerve, we are truly blessed with a talented team of cybersecurity experts and professionals. Our team comes from a background of protecting some of this nation’s most valued assets and have some of the most prestigious certifications the cybersecurity industry has to offer. And we bring that experience to the commercial world… If you’re looking for quality and affordable cybersecurity… the MainNerve cybersecurity team is the team to work with.