Who's using MainNerve?

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Cyber Solutions


MainNerve Cyber Solutions range from technical services like vulnerability assessments, attack and penetration testing, incident response, threat management, security event management, and advanced persistent threat defense to administrative cyber solutions that include risk assessments, security and privacy gap analysis, strategic security roadmaps, tactical crosswalks to compliance, policy and procedure creation, social engineering examinations, and security training.


Compliance Solutions


MainNerve provides a comprehensive suite of managed security services that reduce the cost and complexity of running a comprehensive information security program. From managed Unified Threat Management solutions, to managed Logging and SIEM, to risk assessments and ongoing services to keep you compliant to nearly any regulation you might need to be compliant with, MainNerve has developed cost effective, easy to understand programs that allow businesses to augment or outsource the security function.


"Within minutes after integration, MainNerve's Adaptive DarkNet™ had given me more visibility into the threats my global network was facing than any other security product I've used. At a cost of approximately $120 per record compromised, the Adaptive Darknet's return on investment is nearly immediate."

Satisfied Customer of Top Financial Institution

"I embraced this Adaptive Darknet solution because it's easy for my people to manage, and it cut down significantly on our help desk's call volume. We have gotten a tremendous amount of defense from it, and without all the false positives that wear down the organization and, essentially, just get ignored. We're very happy with our decision to install it and it's paid for itself over and over again."

Satisfied Customer of Top 10 Largest Healthsystem

"It's hard to say what a loss of patient healthcare data actually costs a large hospital today. I believe its usually understated and underpublicized, so from my standpoint even one breach of a critical server would make an immediate return on investment for what we've spent for our Adaptive 's over the last three years. It's been some of the best investment we've ever made in rounding out our overall information security posture."